You have seven seconds

You have seven seconds to make a good first impression, seven seconds. So, how do new employees or clients view your company when you on-board them or when they look to work with you? But do first impressions really matter? Yes, they do. Numerous studies have determined that first impressions mean a lot. 

According to an article in Psychology Today (“The Power of First Impressions”), “Positive first impressions lead to social cohesion; negative first impressions lead to biases and social prejudice.” We want to help you make a great first—and lasting—impression.

Whether your employee is fresh from college or it’s their fifth company, how they view you initially can determine, in many ways, their beginning performance. We create customized packages that welcome new employees while representing your brand specifically and dynamically. Designed by Bandits, each package contains specifically chosen materials, or an experience, that positively define and enhance your new employee’s experience at your company.

Start making an impact

If you have 30 hires this year or 30 per week, a big event approaching or just want to say thank you to an employee group, we can help you make a difference and create the best experience possible. And whether your bespoke box is filled with company swag or one of our many experience packages, we help you make your employee on-boarding experience exuberant, useful, and unforgettable. Our on-boarding boxes create an experience that will define each employee’s initial perception of your company. Make it a great one. 

Corporate hospitality entertains clients. We help you entertain on-boarding employees. Let us help you impress your new colleagues.

The Goals

  • Keep the positive momentum from when your new hires accept their position with you to when they have their first day.
  • By giving them a customized package, you will be going a step above and beyond and laying the groundwork for their future.

The Approach

  • Create a package that stays true to your brand, mission and culture. Our goal is to learn about your company, and you, as well as why people want to work there.
  • We then create a rendering so you can see the box and imagine what it will look like, and how it makes you feel seeing your brand on the box.

The Results

  • Fully custom packages with custom materials inside. Whether material we create for you, or from one of our partners, our custom packages create an experience they won’t forget.
  • Our mission is to support you in your efforts to inspire your employees. By welcoming them with one of our bespoke boxes we are doing just that, together.

Create Your Unique Experience

Create Your Unique Experience

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Bandits of New York 2018® All rights reserved.

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